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Assisting businesses win tenders, bids and proposals. Tender Support Services is …

Rob Parker

About Tender Services

Rob Parker

Rob has extensive experience in Tender Support Services, specifically the preparation of winning bids and tenders. Throughout his career Rob has accrued extensive sales and marketing experience. As Sales & Marketing Director for major business to business (B2B) services companies, as well as in a range of sales and marketing roles, Rob has successfully developed and implemented many sales and marketing initiatives. These have ranged from individual sales documents to strategic market development. Rob has an outstanding track record in assisting businesses win tenders, bids and proposals. Rob Parker can bring this Tender Support Services experience to bear for the benefit of businesses that want to grow profitable sales.

As well as Rob, Tender Services draws on the services of a pool of tried and tested associates. These may be in specialist areas, such as Quality Management, Health & Safety and so on, or they may be other tender support specialists, giving us the flexibility to take on projects at short notice. This gives usĀ the depth and breadth of resource that our clients need.

Tender Support by Sector

We assist businesses submit bids for both the private and public sectors, and across a range of industries using tried and tested tender Support Services.

More About Tender Services

Rob has experience in preparing winning tenders stretching back for 25 years, and over the last 8 years has been helping a whole range of businesses prepare tender submissions. If you would like to know more about the tender services that Rob can offer please call, and he will be happy to talk with you – exploring your situation, and how you can use tendering to move your business forward. Alternatively just email us or fill in our contact form and Rob will call you back.