Managing a Tender Response

Managing a Tender Response – Getting Organised When managing a tender, or any similar task or project, many people tend to put pressure on themselves to “get something done”. In their minds, taking time out to get organised doesn’t count as getting something done! So how do you set about getting organised? The first step… View Article
25 Nov

Tender Help to Suit You

Tender Help to Suit You It is important, when looking for someone to provide help with a tender, that they provide the level of tender help to suit you. It is also important that they provide help at a level to suit your budget. It is also essential to be able to fully explore all the… View Article
27 Oct

Assistance with ITT

Assistance with ITT I have recently written on the topic of Assistance with PQQ completion, which is all about demonstrating compliance and getting through to the next stage. Well, this is it! The ITT is the next stage, and assistance with ITT completion is the topic of today’s blog. The ITT is where it gets seriously… View Article
06 Oct

Tender Writing Support Services

Tender Writing Support Services Tender writing is a very distinct form of writing, and differs in certain important aspects to writing proposals. Specialists in tender writing support services can help by ensuring that tender responses are written and pitched in the right way. Ticking the Boxes Whereas proposal writing is primarily an exercise in persuasive… View Article
02 Oct

Assistance with PQQ

Assistance with PQQ Completion The objective of submitting a Pre-qualification Questionnaire (PQQ) is to get through to the next stage. This may be a matter of demonstrating compliance with the requirements of the contracting business or organisation. It may be a matter of scoring more points than your competitors. The next stage, for those successful… View Article
01 Oct

Tender Help for SMEs

Tender Help for SMEs Responding to a tender can be a very stressful time for a business owner. It places many demands on an already busy individual. Getting some tender help can be a good idea for a number of reasons. Demand on Time It takes time to put together a good tender response. You… View Article
30 Sep

Tender Advice from a Tender Consultant

Tender Consultant A tender consultant is a specialist in formulating tender responses. They are engaged by businesses wishing to maximise their chance of winning contracts. The tender consultant will provide advice and guidance for the tendering company, and will be able to provide practical help in preparing the tender response. Tender Advice A tender consultant… View Article
23 Sep

Bid to Win Tenders

Bid Strategy If you want to bid to win tenders you will want a strong bid strategy. A strong bid strategy means that your objectives must be; To score more points than any of your competitors with your tender Have a compelling case to make when you are invited to present Scoring More Points Scoring… View Article
21 Sep

The Competitive Tender Process

Competitive Tender Process The competitive tender process is exactly like a funnel. Expression of Interest All tenderers start off by making an Expression of Interest. This effectively means that they have “tossed their hat” into the ring for consideration to be included in the tender process. Pre-qualification Questionnaire Unless there is an overriding reason not… View Article
18 Sep

Tender Support Letter and Services

Tender Letter A tender support letter, if you have the opportunity to submit one, can be key in supporting and positioning your bid. As a part of our tender support services we can help you write a tender support letter. These are some key points to bear in mind when writing one. One Page – Two… View Article
15 Sep

Informal Tender Procedure

Informal Tender Procedure I wrote in an earlier blog that, whereas a formal tender will follow certain protocols, an informal tender will not. I touched on the point that this means that the buyer is not obliged to follow any particular course of action, allowing them much more flexibility. However, because there is much more… View Article
10 Sep

Qualify a Tender

Qualify a Tender Before diving into the task of responding it is a very good practice to qualify a tender.   Do You Want the Business? This is a no-brainer. If the contract doesn’t fit with your business don’t go for it. Are You Offering What They Want? If you are not offering what they want… View Article
07 Sep

Tender Response Questions

Tender Response Questions When tackling tender response questions you will find that the questions tend to fall into categories. These are a sample; Straightforward Questions These are really easy to deal with, and require basic information such as company registration details, insurance information and so on. If you regularly complete tenders it is a good idea to… View Article
03 Sep

Need a Little Tender Help?

Tender Help Responding to an invitation to tender (ITT) can be a stressful time. It is really important that any help is provided in the right way, and that it reduces the stress rather than adding to it. Effective interaction between you and the tender consultant will be critical. They must fit in with your ways of… View Article
02 Sep

Is Your Tender Support Agreement Fair?

Tender Support Agreements There are a number of factors that affect the fairness of tender support agreements. Essentially they are in place to help business respond to Invitations to Tender (ITTs) or Pre-Qualification Questionnaires (PQQs). The reasons a business might want tender support can vary considerably; They may want to improve their chances of winning… View Article
26 Aug

All About Bid Proposal Writing

Bid Proposal Writing Mastering the art of bid proposal writing, just like many other skills, is a blend of learning and experience. Bid proposal writing experts are likely to have clocked up several thousand bids. Good bid proposal writers will have learned from this. They key lessons they will have learned will include; Recognising the… View Article
23 Aug

Tender Consulting Services from a Tender Expert

Why Use a Tender Expert? A tender expert will: Give informed advice on the chance of success A tender expert will have some considerable experience of tender outcomes, and will have an extensive understanding of what constitutes a successful tender. They will be able to advise accordingly and help you make an informed bid /… View Article
20 Aug

Tender Advice – 5 Top Tips

Tender Advice My last blog comprised 5 bid writing tips specifically aimed at the process of writing. These 5 tips comprise tender advice about the whole tender response process. Bid / No Bid Strategy Before embarking on the demanding process of submitting a tender it is important to consider whether it is worthwhile doing so…. View Article
18 Aug

5 Bid Writing Tips

Bid Writing These are 5 bid writing tips specifically aimed at the process of writing. Use Headings and Sub Headings It will be much easier for your reader to digest the contents of your bid if it is well laid out. also, it will also be much easier for you to organise the material you… View Article
29 Jul

Tender Management

Tender Management Explained Tender management is the process of managing the response to an Invitation to Tender (ITT) or Pre-qualification Questionnaire (PQQ). Good management of the process will ensure that the response is submitted with the very best chance of success. Tender management is an extremely focused form of project management. There is no room… View Article
21 Jul

What is an Invitation to Tender?

An Invitation to Tender (ITT) is an invitation from a business or organisation to tender, or offer, a specified product or service in a competitive situation against competing suppliers. This process is conducted in a formal fashion, with predetermined timescales. If a tender is not received by the submission deadline it will probably not be… View Article
15 Jul

Help with bid proposal writing to win business

Bid Proposal Writing Bid proposal writing in response to a request for a proposal is importantly different from responding to a formal tender. Whereas a formal tender asks you for specific information, a formal request leaves it pretty much up to you to configure the response. There are all sorts of pitfalls to which this… View Article
15 Jul

Competitive Tendering Process

The Competitive Tendering Process – what it means to be competitive The competitive tendering process is, by definition, competitive. A competitive tender is, by definition, one with a competitive price. The conclusion from the above logic is that, in order to win a competitive tender, you need to submit a sharp price. Now, while this… View Article
14 Jul

Tender Process Flow Chart – How the Process Works

Tender Process Identify Tender Opportunity The first step in the tender process is to identify a potentially fruitful opportunity. There are many tender alert services that can provide filtered information about potential opportunities. Express Interest It may be that before you are given full access to the tender documentation you have to express interest. This… View Article
13 Jul

The Benefits of Using Tender Experts

Tender Experts Using tender experts to help with tenders can provide a number of benefits; They may help you navigate through the tender process – saving time They will understand how to score the maximum number of points – increasing you chances of success They can take control of the tender response plan – reducing… View Article
12 Jul

Tender Consultant Reviews

Tender Consultant Reviews Businesses may wish to arrange a tender consultant review for a number of reasons. Commonly there may be a history of failure to win tenders, or they may possibly be losing tenders when previously they might have won them. Tender consultant reviews can be arranged to assess tender submissions – and to… View Article
09 Jul

Business Tender Services

Business Tender Services Business tender services are used by businesses of all shapes and sizes, and for various reasons. It may be that they need additional resources to boost their own bid response team, or it may be that they have limited resources within the business. Smaller businesses will find that the onus for the… View Article
07 Jul

Open tender process

Open Tender Process The open tender process differs from the closed tender process in a number of ways. The key difference is that in an open tender process any potential supplier can apply for inclusion in the tender. Whereas, in a closed tender process only a selected number of suppliers will be invited to tender…. View Article
06 Jul

Tender Assistance – Gently helping you win that tender

Tender Assistance In my experience of being called in to provide tender assistance I often find that very high levels of stress have been created. An important part of my job is to relieve the pressure and bring the stress levels down. The two most important factors in relieving the pressure straightaway are; To put a… View Article
05 Jul

How to Tender for Contracts

How to Tender for Contracts – Successfully As a prerequisite you must firstly be able to provide the product or service for which tenders are invited and, secondly, be able to provide this competitively. It sounds obvious, but many tenders have been lost by companies who haven’t had a demonstrable track record. These are absolute… View Article
03 Jul

Do You have Tender Response Questions?

Tender Response Questions When I help people with a tender response they usually have a lot of tender response questions to ask me. The big one is, of course, “Do I stand a chance of winning this tender?” Others range from, “Will I get considered if I don’t have three years audited accounts?” to “Will I… View Article
02 Jul

Tender Support Services Explained

Tender support services are services provided by a Tender Consultant, who will assist with the preparation of a tender response. This consultant will help manage the bid process and ensure that the chances of winning the bid are optimised. Generally speaking tender support services are engaged when a business requires help with a live tender. However, they… View Article
30 Jun

Working to a Tight Tender Deadline

Sometimes, when I provide help with a tender, I am called upon to be working to a tight tender deadline. Although this is not ideal, very quick turnarounds can be achieved – in some cases as quickly as 24 hours. This is entirely dependent upon certain factors. Firstly, there needs to be total commitment from all… View Article
29 Jun

How to Find and Qualify a Tender Expert

There are many tender experts offering their services over the internet. Most of them are good at their job of supporting business submit tenders. So how do you find and quality the right tender expert for you? As well as having a good track record you need to find someone with whom you will be… View Article
25 Jun

Winning a Tender!

In my experience of helping people win tenders, winning a tender is not just a question of submitting the best possible tender response. Although this is clearly an essential part of winning a tender! There is what comes after it to consider – and what comes before. In terms of what comes after it, the… View Article
24 Jun

What are Tender Consultants?

What are tender consultants? Well … I am a tender consultant, and it is my role to help maximise my clients’ chances of winning tenders by ensuring that they submit the best possible tender responses. Tender consultants like me will also help in other ways. We will work with our clients to put together a… View Article
24 Jun

What are the Informal Tender Rules?

The short answer is that there aren’t any. Whereas a formal tender will observe certain protocols, an informal tender will not. This means that the buyer is not obliged to follow any particular course of action, allowing much more flexibility. For the seller, however, there will be much less certainty about the course of events…. View Article
22 Jun

Tendering Process

When I work with businesses, providing help with tenders, people often ask me how the tendering process works. There are, of course, two ways of addressing this. Firstly, how organisations go out to tender for a particular product or service they require. Secondly, how a business will approach the task of responding to a tender…. View Article
19 Jun

Tender Writing

Among the businesses I (Rob Parker) help with tender writing are many who don’t have the time to do it themselves. In order to assist them with the tender writing I first need to download their brain of all relevant information, and then turn into a response that meets the needs of the tender. Sometimes… View Article
18 Jun

Bid Writing Courses

I often get asked about bid writing courses. In my experience there is nothing better than on-the-job training. I work with people on live tender opportunities and coach them through the process. As well as being a real-life situation it also has the benefit of being time driven. Being able to work to a deadline… View Article
17 Jun

Mastering the Task

When a demanding task arrives, like a tender response, it is quite natural to circle around it for a while – and to worry that you are not making any real progress. Don’t be concerned, this is all part of the process of mastering the task. I find that the process follows the following steps;… View Article
22 May

Tender Advice – Fools Rush In

It is very tempting, when faced with a question in a tender for which you have much good material, to dive in and put together a comprehensive response. Caution: Tempting as this is, it may be better to spend a little time thinking before jumping in. The logic is that the real reason behind the… View Article
03 Feb

Tender Advice – I’ve Got A Feeling

Sometimes, when you are working on a proposal or tender response, you get a little niggle. You can’t, or don’t, put your finger on it, but something doesn’t feel quite right. You have plenty to get on with, so the temptation is to ignore it. However, this little niggle might turn out to be the… View Article
23 Sep

Tender Response Questions

Apparently, procurement people who mark tenders sometimes make the note “ATFQ”, next to a tender response which which doesn’t answer the question. Too many bidders fail to win tenders because they fail to answer the question! Our tender services will help you win tenders! Contact us now for an initial consultation
12 Aug

Tender Negotiation Advice – I Started Out with Nothin’, and I Still Got Most of It Left

Does the following situation sound familiar? You, or someone who works for you, is closing a sale, and the topic of price is raised. The customer asks for a reduction. The thought process is, “If I don’t immediately make a significant reduction I will lose the sale.” Panic sets in, a reduction is made, and,… View Article
10 Jul

Winning Tenders – All or Nothing

The Winner Takes it All If you sell high value products or services it is often a case of all or nothing. You either win the business for which you are tendering or pitching, or a competitor does. There are no prizes for coming even a close second! This means that, if you are serious… View Article
05 Jun

Tender Plan – Time is Tight

I help a lot of people submit tenders, and my experience is that many people come to me when time is tight … It is nice to have plenty of notice to submit a sales document. the danger is thinking that “Time is on my side”. But the clock is ticking, and before you know… View Article
09 May

But I’ve just answered that question!

So … you are working your way diligently through a tender document, writing responses. You have just answered the question, “What approach does your organisation take to the employment of local people? Please provide a specific example where possible.” You have told them all about how your approach takes into account the diverse nature of… View Article
03 Mar

Tender Questionnaires – It’s not what you do, it’s the way that you do it!

Tender questionnaires often stipulate the requirement to provide evidence of service delivery. In fact, scoring top marks is often dependent on this. Tender responses, on the other hand, tend to be full of fine rhetoric about the quality of service delivery, with evidence being offered in the form of examples of where the service has… View Article
03 Mar

Not missing the deadline

Most tenders these days are conducted on line. This means that the tender deadline is applied automatically. If the system shows that your bid was submitted a split second after the deadline you will be deemed to have missed it, and all your hard work will come to naught! My philosophy is to avoid missing… View Article
03 Mar