Managing a Tender Response

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Managing a Tender Response – Getting Organised

StressWhen managing a tender, or any similar task or project, many people tend to put pressure on themselves to “get something done”. In their minds, taking time out to get organised doesn’t count as getting something done!

So how do you set about getting organised? The first step is to stand back from the job – and this might involve doing something as simple as grabbing a cup of coffee. If your head is buried in the job you might need a prompt to help you get the perspective required to get organised.

In terms of organising a project such as a tender response it is usually the deadline that is critical – so a time plan is probably the best way to get started. Start at the end i.e. the deadline, allow yourself  a couple of days leeway, and plan everything to be completed by then. Make sure that any task that needs to be completed before other tasks can be tackled are scheduled accordingly. Also make sure that tasks that are reliant on other people  are communicated effectively.

So once you have your time plan in place you can  plan your resources around it. You can also plan the project so that it fits in with everything else that has to be done.

Now you can start to work on producing output, confident in the knowledge that everything is in hand!

The danger of starting to work producing output before you have proper plan in place is that you won’t be able to concentrate properly on it. Your mind will start to flit around – and you will start to become a butterfly, flitting from task to task without properly settling at any.

Rob Parker at Tender Services can help you get organised, massively reduce the pressure and get focused on achieving the task in hand – be it managing a tender response or any other similar task or project.

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