– Assistance with Tender and Bid Writing

Need help with your Tender and Bid Writing?

At Momentum we specialise in providing assistance with Tender and Bid Writing. We understand the difference between formulating a successful tender response and creating a winning proposal.

Tender Responses

The aim of a tender response is to successfully move to the next stage of the tender process. For example, this may be to complete a PQQ (Pre-Qualification Questionnaire) and to be included in the next stage, which may be the ITT (Invitation To Tender).

We will help and support you design the tender response to score the maximum number of points, and to successfully move to the next stage of the tender process. It is essential, in response to each question, to demonstrate compliance with the requirements, and to answer each question exactly. For more on how we can provide assistance with tender and bid writing and support see Tenders & Bids.


The aim of a proposal is to create a persuasive case that moves you closer to the sale. It is your opportunity to match the needs of the prospect with what you are offering, and allows a greater degree of flexibility in how you present this. We will help and support you to create powerful proposals. For more on this topic see Proposals.